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Skiing, Rafting, Fishing, Shopping, etc.

There is never a shortage of things to do around here. Crave adventure? Take a white water rafting trip down the famous Nolichucky River.

In winter months, the area becomes a paradise for skiers. Visit one of the many nearby slopes for skiing, snowboarding, sledding and more winter fun.

All the while, you’ll never be too far away from civilization for provisions and just plain shopping.



1,959 Feet Above Sea Level

Up in the mountains not far from Amber Ranches is the wonderful Lake Watauga. Ideal for fishing, camping, boating, or just plain sightseeing, this remarkable lake is a dream come true.

Because its up in the mountains and road access is limited, Watauga is very lightly touristed, even during peak summer months, making it the ideal spot for a serene getaway.



Take a Walk on the Wild Side

In a region known for its natural beauty, is it any wonder to find hundreds of miles of hiking trails? But their not just trails, they’re the very BEST hiking trails in the entire eastern US.

And they’re not just for hiking, either. You’ll find trails for running, mountain biking, ATVs and cross country skiing near our North Carolina mountain land for sale. Explore a scenic trail or follow a historic and discover ever more about this magnificent area.



Third Highest Peak East of the Mississippi

A historic location, a spectacular state park, and site of the annual Rhododendron Festival each June, Roan Mountain is a perfect example of what makes the Smokey Mountains so irresistible.

From the majestic early summer floral blooms to the awe-inspiring turn of autumn, to the glorious wonders of snowy winter, everywhere you turn you are rewarded with stunning vistas of unrivaled natural beauty.

There’s so much to see, that even if you do nothing, Roan Mountain still offers plenty.