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The developers of Amber Ranches are some of the area’s biggest fans

After discovering the incredible natural beauty and pure magic of the area four decades ago, Amber Ranches’ developers returned year after year, bringing back family and friends to share their discovery.That tradition grew and grew, and continues today.We have been involved in the area for over 40 years… either vacationing, buying or selling real estate, and developing communities. To us, this is more than just property. It is our home.

We’ve developed Amber Ranches carefully, making sure to do it the right way. We’ve taken care to balance the needs of modern living with the delicate natural beauty of the area, so that the experience of this pristine wilderness can be preserved for everyone who comes to Amber Ranches for generations.

It is our passion for this area that was the impetus for this development, and it is also the key to its success. We invite you to join us here to view our North Carolina mountain property for sale. We know you’re going to fall in love with Amber Ranches just like we have.


WG Group, LLC.
3800 Howard Hughes Parkway
Suite 1230
Las Vegas, NV 89169

WG Group is a real estate investment company established in 1979 that specializes in the purchase, development/renovation and management of “value added” real estate assets. WG Group has purchased or developed more than 100 properties valued at over $500 million. The types of properties developed, acquired and managed include over 2000 multifamily rental units, over 750 condominiums that have been converted from rental units, hospitality properties ranging in size from less than 100 keys to over 350 keys, commercial office buildings ranging in size from under 90,000 square feet to over 300,000 square feet, retail/commercial projects ranging from 10,000 to 300,000 square feet and commercial/residential land development projects from 1 to 1200 acres.

WG Group’s strategy is to invest in properties that have the potential for value enhancement. This includes all income property categories and land opportunities. The Principals of WG Group take a hands-on approach to ensuring the success of each transaction. WG Group’s track record of success is matched by an ongoing commitment to quality. WG Group is a three-time recipient of the Renovation of the Year Awards for South Florida from NAIAP and BOMA.